Monday, March 19, 2018

My favorite taste of Spain

Chocolate-Chocolate! Apple tart is optional.

Chocolate-chocolate. That’s what I say in the cafes to I make sure I get the real thing and not chocolate drink powder added to frothy hot milk (which is good but not, you know... indescribable). 
This is a much better photo. It shows the rich, deep goodness of this hot drink. It is almost too thick to sip. If you let it cool (as I did here), you'll need the spoon.

Not all cafés are equal. My favorite is Cafeteria-Bar La Plaza across from the market building (the one for fruit, veg, meat, fish). 

When the brothers that run the café for their mother and father see me coming, they shout greetings, point to the best outdoor table and begin to make my chocolate-chocolate. They are my new best friends. 

Funnily, the family came from Bolivia and run a café there, too. It’s on my travel list. Gotta have that chocolate! 

I’m still trying to find how they make it. The spoken instructions I’ve gotten so far don’t translate well using my phone app. It’s probably best for my waistline if I don’t know how to make this at home but I’ll keep trying. This drink alone is a good enough reason to come back to Jerez every winter!

Next post - England in spring.


  1. Ah, the waistline! Thank you for the news and pics!

  2. now i want to go to Spain, just for the chocolate.