Wednesday, February 14, 2018

All around London town

London is a dictionary of architecture... 
a millennium of humanity... 
and artfully interlaces pomp with folly.
St. Paul's entrance, National Portrait Gallery statuary, Threadneedle Street, and 'Boy with Goose'. I call it charming majesty.

The Bank of England museum encourages selfies backed by their gold bars (printed on wallpaper). Across the road, a pillared neoclassical entry takes you into the Royal Exchange with stocks of stylish shoes and high end jewelry for London's golden buyers.

London's heritage is round and rectangular, illustrated in gilt and oil paint, illuminated by neon and Portland stone, chiseled in stone and hand-painted in distinguished fonts. It is a feast for the senses and lenses. There's more to see, do and taste in two-square miles (for every interest and budget) than in possibly any other major city of the world.

Get there. Hop a bus, go up top and just ride around. See it from above the throngs, before you jump in and discover your London.
And if the road you chose is closed, stay on and enjoy the bus diversion or press the button to get off at the next stop. With weather likes this who needs a bus. (Don't leave your 'brolly behind. There's a bit of grey in that farthest cloud.)

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